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Ireland’s Aupair Information Organisation

Au pairs in Dublin

Are you looking a Host family? If the answer is yes, Simply create an advert on the best au pair Dublin website. Host your CV for families to search and contact you with potential offers.

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We offer the fastest way for those who come to study in Ireland to work as an Au pair in Dublin.

i.e. taking care of the child or children of a family. This kind of exchange offers, in addition to payment, a great experience of the culture of the country, as the Au-pair takes on the role of an older sibling or responsible family member for a few hours each day.

The word “Au-Pair” is a French term, which means “on par” or “equal to”, denoting living on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship between the host family and children. The adventure of becoming an Au-pair in Ireland is unique because we offer a simple and cheap way to connect each Au-pair to their new family.


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Discover Ireland or improve your language skills, all while meeting great families and creating memories for yourself and the families you become apart of. Become a  host family or become an au pair..

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How to find an au pair in Ireland.


Looking to give the opportunity for someone to Au Pair in Dublin? There are a number of sites and agencies that match Au Pairs with a family for a large fee. Others limit the interaction you have with matches forcing you to pay a large fee to access your messages. Become an Host family and help provide life long memories and hopefully friendships for your family and Au Pairs for FREE. We make it very simple and put yourself in control. Click one of the links below to get started!

Benefits of having an au pair in Ireland

That afternoon your daughter suddenly remembers that she is due to write a test the following day and needs some last-minute help. Your son has to be picked up from his music lesson and you have another appointment. The parents’ evening in school coincides with the dinner you scheduled with your business partners, and your babysitter already has other plans.

Does this sound familiar? For many of us it’s everyday family life – lots to do and not so much time to get it all done. Of course, you are always looking for ways to manage things better. Being able to have more fun and less stress with all the different demands that come up in a modern family.

Whether it is playing with children, reading bedtime stories or taking your child to the dentist. They  also provide support with your children on a daily basis and at the same time introduces a new culture and language into your family.

They help you through your daily routine by providing childcare support that is integrated into your family structure. While you clear your mind for work,  they take the children to school and/or crèche. Also picks them up from day-care, prepares their lunches and snacks or helps them with their homework.

The au pair tidies up the children’s rooms together with your kids and can take care of the laundry. As a live-in part of the family, they can spontaneously fill in for your babysitter when the need is there.

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How to Become an au pair in Ireland.

Looking to find a host family or wanting to become a host? There are a number of sites and agencies that match Au Pairs with a family for a large fee. Others limit the interaction you have with matches forcing you to pay to access your results. Put yourself in control, click one of the links below to get started!